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Skateboards Now Available Online! Decks, Compeltes, Trucks, Bearings etc

Finally! We've had the time to list all of our skate stock on the website. We have been selling skateboards since before you were born (Probably) in the 80's and only now have we found the time to list it all. Complete boards, cruisers, Penny boards, Trucks, Bearings, Wheels, Decks and Griptape. And we will be updating this as get more.

We stock all your favorite brands such as Mini Logo, FLIP, Element, Plan B, Sushi, RipnDip, Alien Workshop, Fracture, Anti-Hero, REAL Skateboards, JART, Welcome, Avenue, Pass-Port and more!

We also stock Thrasher Clothing that we will be getting on here shortly. More goodies to be added all the time.

We also offer free Bullet Grip instore and free gripping service with every deck. If you say the magic words *zinger zinger burger* you can borrow our skatetool aswell.

Here is some of what we have in now that the staff has chosen to be featured:

RipNDip Lord Nermal Skateboard Deck

8.25 Wide, Nermal cat design

RipnDip Nermio Skateboard Deck

Mushroom man inspired skateboard deck 8.0 Inches wide

RipnDip Racing Skateboard Deck

Just like your at NASCAR but with added zing 8.25 wide

Mini Logo Chevron Astro Skateboard Deck

Ollie to the moon with this one, 7.5 inches wide and only £29.99?!??!

Welcome 'Brian Lotti' Wild Things Skateboard Deck

Actually, where did the wild things go? Brian Lotti signature Deck 8.5 wide

Avenue Night Ceremony Skateboard Deck

Local company form Fallowfield, Manchester. Bit of the 0161 for ya!

If you've made it this far come instore and the first person to use the magic words for the skatetool will get a free DIET COLA. (Only valid to the first person to use the magic words mentioned at the top)

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Shawn Davies - January 30, 2021

Do you still have Brian Lotti’s Wild Thing deck in stock?

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