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Skyway Street Beat Build

Due SPRING 2024.

Custom built by us, a Skyway Street Beat complete bike. Please contact us if you'd like your own custom built to your spec.
It all started back in 1963 in Van Nuys, California, when Skyway's founder, Chuck Raudman started a machine shop for the fast-growing aerospace industry. The growth of the company saw Skyway produce many products for Disneyland and also venture into the motorcycle industry. Then in 1974, focus shifted to the new sport of BMX and the Tuff wheel became reality and cemented Skyway into the BMX annals of history forever!

The 1985 Street Beat was Skyway's first complete BMX freestyle bike and broke new ground in innovation, strength and style. Now, 39 years later, the Street Beat is back with the new 2024 version of the iconic frame kit ready to reintroduce itself as a modern version of the classic original. Featuring Full Chromoly frame, fork, and handlebar with Skyway embossed seat, these kits are ready to add a set of genuine Skyway tuff wheels and make the bike of your dreams!

  • Full 4130 Chromoly frame, Integrated headtube, U-brake mounts
  • Full 4130 Chromoly fork, U-brake mounts, 10mm dropouts
  • Full Chromoly EZ handlebar, twin-top tube
  • Skyway embossed seat - colour matched

Kit Spec

Frame Full 4130 Chromoly frame
Seat Post 25.4mm
Fork Full 4130 Chromoly fork
bottom Bracket Mid BB press fit
Handlebar Full Chromoly EZ handlebar
Dropouts 10mm front and rear
Top Tube 21"
Seat Clamp Requires a 28.6mm clamp
Additional Information Has holes for gyro


Full Build list

Frame Skyway StreetBeat
Fork Skyway StreetBeat
Headset Tribal
Bars Skyway StreetBeat
Stem Sunday Freeze
Grips Ame Tri
LH Lever Dia-Compe Tech-77
RH Lever Dia-Compe Tech-77
Caliper Front Dia-Compe Hombre
Caliper Rear Dia-Compe Hombre Angled
Cables Fibrax Powerglide
Gyro TotalBMX Chaos Gyro
Gyro Cables Vocal Upper and Lower
Seat Skyway StreetBeat
Seatpost Oxford Alloy Straight
Seatclamp Mirage ST Clamp
Crank Redline Flight Cranks
Spider Profile Retro Spider
Chainring Bolts ID Alloy Bolts
BB Tribal USBB
Pedals Haro Fusion DX 9/16
Chain KMC Z1 Wide Chain
Wheels Skyway 5 Spoke Tuff II F/W
Freewheel 4-Jeri
Tyre Panaracer HP406
Tyre Panaracer HP406
Tubes Fit BIke CO Tube
Tubes Fit BIke CO Tube
Extra Dia-Compe Hollow Starnut


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