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Skyway Tuff Wheel Restock Finally!

After well over a year of a Skyway Tuff Wheel drought we have wheels on the way at last, due with us late January 2021, available to pre order now!  

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The regular 20" 5 spoke Skyway Tuff II's are probably most recognisable of all 1980's BMX products, dating back to 1977 in fact with the Skyway I's. In this delivery we will have the new Tuff II's in the following colours: Aqua (which is a new), Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, White or Yellow. These look just like the plastic non-alloy flange type wheels made from about 1986-on except they now come with superior sealed cartridge bearings. These wheels have 3/8" (10mm) axles and accept a 16T or larger screw-on freewheel. 

For the real old school BMX freestyle cognescenti, you'll be pleased to hear we have Coaster Brake Skyway Tuff Wheels on this delivery. Exactly the same as above but with a coaster brake for those smooth Bob Haro-inspired rollbacks. These come in Black, White or Red in this delivery. All coaster hardware is supplied. 

If you have a modern "freestyle" BMX with 14mm dropouts and 25/9 gearing, you'll need the Cassette Tuff Wheels instead with 9T one-piece driver. These we have in Black, Blue, Red, White or Yellow and add an old school flavour to any modern freestyle BMX bike.  

Moving on, we're stoked that Skyway have remade the alloy flange riveted hub type Skyway Tuff II Wheels for the authetic 1980's look with Gold anodised or Silver flanges.

Skyway Graphite Tuff Wheels with their light weight graphite construction and unique gold flanges were only available to Factory Team riders back in the day and now 40 years you can relive that dream ;)

For the first time ever, we stoked to have the 6 spoke Tuff Wheels in Black, White, Blue, Red or Green. Still made in USA with sealed bearings. 

And the cruiser crowd haven't been left out, because we have the 7 Spoke 24" Tuff Wheels in Black, White, Red, Blue or Yellow. 

Lastly, to avoid marks on your Skyway Wheels remember to order Kool Stop Pads from us.

c1985 Skyway Street Beat built by us.  

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