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Standard STA Resto

Our buddy SNAV69 has been working on some Mid School projects for us. The brief was to keep the bikes as original as possible using period parts with an emphasis on how the bike would have actually been ridden in period rather than a Factory fresh build. Anyway I’ll hand you over to Paul now:

This is part 1 of a 3 part bike restoration I have been doing for Alan. Alan has had this lying around for quite some time and on a few occasions I have asked him to sell me it (and another one I'm doing) but we have never come to an agreement lol.

A quick foreword about Standard Byke Company, The company was set up by Ex Haro factory rider Rick Moliterno after offering to redesign Haro bikes due to him breaking a frame ever few weeks due to his aggresive riding on the streets and in skateparks, Haro said Yeah you can redesign our bikes but we're not paying you so he said he didn't want to ride for Haro no more as was going to set up his own company. He hooked up with Kurt Schmidt and started the company in November of 91.

This is a Standard Byke's S.T.A from approx 1994, it is a 1" headtube and 10mm dropouts which indicates an early one. When I got the frame, fork, bars, stem, levers, headset, front and rear brakes and crank it wasn't in bad condition just full of surface rust that took me 3 days to remove and wore my thumb nail down to nowt. I them set about cleaning up the bars and stem and regreasing the headset bearings. I wanted to build it up with era correct Mid School parts and although I had some things in stock I had to buy in a seatpost, tyre and rims, once the rims landed I took the hubs and spokes I already had in stock and built up the wheels which turned out pretty nice with the black tyres for a stealthy look.

I had an old 3pc crank I wasn't using which I married up to a 44t chainring and bashguard as everyone was grinding back then as now so wanted to keep it as authentic as possible. I then fitted the wheel and added some NOS pegs that again I had in stock and not being used. I then fitted the stem, bars and levers and added some new bars ends to tidy them up,  then fitted an old 1" Gyro then dialled in the brakes front and rear, front being a pain as it's a potts mod and had to squeeze past a 10mm brake spindle.

Then I fitted a Hoffman seatclamp that I had to buy in and a seatpost that I connected to a freestyle seat and once I was happy with the angle and height I tightened them up. Once I had wiped all the greasy marks off the chrome and gave it a quick polish I stood back and admired what I had done and I think I nailed it on the head. 

Here's a rundown of components :- 
Standard STA Frame and Forks 
Tioga Beartrap Headset 
Powerlite Freestyle Handlebars 
ODI Longneck Grips and Bar Ends 
TNT Freestyle Stem 
Dia Compe Tech 77 Lever 
1st Gen Odyssey Gyro and Cables 
ACS Boa Front Brake 
Dia Compe AD-990 Rear Brake 
Profile 175mm Cranks and Profile USA BB 
DK Ironcross 
Xposure Chainring and Bashguard 
KMC Chain 
Hoffman Seatclamp 
Generic Seatpost 
DK Freestyle Seat 
Peregrine Phat Jack Hubs, These have spindles that are 10mm and 14mm in 1 
Araya Spokes and Nipples 
SUN B.F.R (Big Fat Rim) Rims 
Primo The Wall Tyres (Original Vintage 90's)

So there you have it, I hope you like my rundown of the build and use of parts.

Paul :-)




Period stickers retained.

Xposure 44T disc with bashguard, Profile Racing cranks and DK Iron Cross pedals.

Peregrine Phat Jack Hubs

Odyssey Gyro

ACS Boa Front Brake

Sun BFR rims


Primo The Wall Tyres (Original Vintage 90's)

DK seat and generic cro-mo seatpost


TNT stem with Potts mod


Powerlite “Union” 4pc bars that everyone ran at the time

SST Oryg cables


Primo Stogies!


Hoffman seatclamp.

Cut-down bars don’t leave a lot of room for levers.

Tech-77’s and Longnecks.

The finished article! Great work Paul.

Check back soon when Paul moves onto the next one…

#midschool #standardbykecompany

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