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Tax Free Outside UK

Sorry this has taken a while to sort out, but we got it done. Thanks for bearing with us, it's been a nightmare and as you know we virtaully no notice despite the "open ready" deal. 

From 20/01/2021 if you are outside the UK you should see prices without our 20% VAT (tax), or at Checkout at the very least. 

Now that the Tax is removed for international orders we no longer subsidise our shipping rates with what would have been the VAT. We have updated our shipping costs for international orders to account for this. So although products look cheaper than they were please check the price including postage. Unfortunatlely we are unable to mark goods down in price or as "gift". 

Please be aware you may still have to pay import duty or sales tax upon delivery in your country, charged by the delivery company. It might be hit and miss if you get charged or not, we honestly don't know, but please order as if you will be charged local duty/tax.

We still ship WORLDWIDE, if you country is not listed in the list at checkout please contact us for a quote. 

The artwork entitled "Hellspace" is borrowed from the brilliant Cold War Steve (opens in new window) ©coldwarsteve


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