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The Brick: Donate Your Commute

Regular commuters could be saving hundreds of pounds a month while working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, from money saved on travel, lunches and even hot drinks and snacks. The team from the Brick are urging local commuters to get behind the Donate Your Commute campaign and to donate some of their savings to help those in need.

Many people have lost jobs and are suffering financial hardship, some workers, working from home are finding themselves better off because they are not spending money on things like travel or eating out.

We are supporting more people and families than ever before, due to the pandemic, and with our charity shops closed and many fundraising events on pause, we urgently need help from our community to continue to support those in need.

A donation equivalent of a lunchtime coffee for a week would give someone struggling to put food on the table an emergency food parcel for 5 days, a donation of the cost of a weekly train ticket could provide new bedding and curtains for a person moving out of emergency accommodation into their own home .

We hope local businesses will support our campaign in these challenging times, to enable us to build a brighter and better future for everyone.

Slick here to donate.

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