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Vans: The Circle

Now the dust has settled on the Vans: The Circle project and we’ve had a few days to let it all sink in just how amazing it was and we’d like to say a few things.

First off, @vans didn’t need to goddamn do this. They are already have the best brand out there, from the best product, their unmatched history in the sport and even stuff like that at the start of Covid they were one of the major companies that paid their factories in Bangladesh and their stance regarding #blacklivesmatter made us proud to be associated with Vans.

So when when we were contacted to be a part of this, it gave everyone here a real boost and a focus to have been involved with a project like this even though we knew we were always going to be punching above our weight. We hope you liked what we came up with and we’re proud of what our riders, filmers and editor achieved.

Although we were coming into the winter months and a wet patch in the UK the riders were super motivated to head out, hit those spots they've been looking at for years and send it big for Vans. As a store, we cover the whole North-West of the UK, covering everything from Blackpool, Liverpool and Southport to depths of Manchester and to be able to represent those local places through our video was an amazing experience, we are in the centre of a major train instersection so getting to these places is easy enough and the same goes for visiting our store. We uncovered some gem spots on the way.  We were super pleased to promote the local scene using local riders who shop at our store, none of who are pro and at most hooked up with a frame here and there from our suppliers. We also used a local Wigan artist, Joe Astley (@joeastleyofficial) and we were stoked to support artists during this difficult time and bringing Joe onboard helped to showcase what its like up north, 'Footsteps on the Marble' is talking about the marble plaza just up the road from our store and the song really hits home for alot of Northerners.

To see what all the shops across Europe (and beyond) created, to see all their spots and get a feel for their scenes was awesome. Congrats to worthy winners @stressbikeshop and all the other shops - we feel part of the @vans family now and these are times we’ll remember for a long time. Huge thanks the judges and everyone who took the time to vote @digbmx and all the people behind the scenes that made all this happen, you created an amazing thing!

Sorry if we missed anyone, we tried our best, we love you all:

Riders: @bear4130 @wsmsam @chri5mith @tomcooksonbmx @a_oh_kay @pawpiotrowski
Filmers: @tomypg @thaddeusocallaghan
Editor: Matty Andrews
Photos: @tobecheck
Special thanks to @bngbngmcr for coming on rides out and motivating the guys

@vansurope @vansbmx66 @digbmx
@jont720 @andyzeiss @sebastian_denver @dakroche @alex1v @peteradam @littlekaterina @georgie_rosa  @s.o.o.p.s

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