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Vans The Circle - Vote for Alans BMX

Our Alans BMX team smashed it in the Vans The Circle contest and we'd be stoked if we could count on your vote!

All 10 shop videos are now live and it's your chance to vote for your favourite Vans 'The Circle' edit.

Your vote will count towards the final rankings alongside the scores from our team of Pro Judges. Peter Adam, Jon Taylor, Dakota Roche and Alex Valentino.

Simply enter your name and email address below and choose one team for the win, giving your favourite the chance to win part of the €20,000 up for grabs. You'll be automatically entered into our VANS X CULT product bundle giveaway* too. (*products may vary from those shown below - 3 winners will be notified by email week beginning November 16th)

The winning shop will be announced during the live online broadcast of ‘The Circle’, hosted by Andy Zeiss and Sebastian Hejna here on DIG at 8pm CET on Saturday November 14th.

Voting ends on Thursday 12th November at 6pm CET.

Vote now and give these local shops and teams your support!

You can only vote once and all votes will be counted! 

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