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Vic Murphy's Patriot

This is part 2 of a Trilogy of builds I am doing for Alans, This is something quite special.

This is a Dirt Bros Industry Trailpark Patriot that belonged to the one and only Vic Murphy, the guy who set up Dirt Bros. If you don't know who he is (Shame on You) head over to youtube and type in Vic Murphy bmx and get blown away by his riding skills. 

Anyway, I was given this by Alan to clean up and buy any bits it needed to make it era correct as would have been ridden by Vic, all that was needed was a good clean and a few parts ie- another matching V-monster tyre, brake, lever, cable and pedals. I was also looking for a Black front Odyssey hubs that I couldn't find for love nor money So if anyone has a Black 36h mk1 Odyssey Vandero or Odyssey Hazard please get in touch. As you can see there are a lot of stickers on the bike that have been on there since Vic had it, mainly of one of his sponsors, Dans Comp. When I was cleaning up the frame I noticed that there was a lot of sticky residue at the front and rear of the top tube where the brake cable ran, so I had a look around and it seemed that the cable had been held in place with either tape or stickers so I put Red insulation tape and the back and Blue at the front then covered it over with genuine old Dans Comp stickers as can be seen.

That's about it for this build so here's a rundown of the bike and I hope you like the pics.

Video/s to follow!


Frame - Dirt Bros Patriot 
Forks - Odyssey Thermal race fork 
Tyres - Primo V Monster 
Rims - Odyssey Hazard-Lites with Odyssey Hazard OG and Vandero hubs 
Headset - FSA Pig 
Stem - Dirt Bros 
Handlebars - Odyssey Vet bar 
Grips - Odyssey 
Brake lever - Odyssey Trigger 
Cable - Odyssey 
Brakes - Odyssey A-Brake 
Seat - Industry 
Seatpost clamp - Odyssey 
Seatpost - Odyssey 
Pedals - Alloy Odyssey Twisted 
Cranks - Odyssey 41 Thermal 
Sprocket - Odyssey Compact 33t 
Chain - KMC street chain



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