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We Were Rad Book

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The definitive book on the history of BMX in the UK in the 80's, told by the kids that lived it. This isn't just another BMX book, it is the bible of old school BMX. I have pretty much all the benchmark books about BMX from the 80's, Don Smith, Geoff Barralough, etc and this goes beyond all those. Just the sheer size of it alone blows everything else away!

This book is expected to ship in the second half of February - Order now to ensure you get one in the limited print run.

Worldwide shipping available. 

Over nearly four years in the making, the authors Anthony Francina, Clint Pilkington and Andrew Rigby have put their heart and soul into this, amassing an archive of over 10,000+ images. They interviewed 100s of members of the public for their recollections of street riding, racing and freestyle. Alongside this they interviewed the great and the good from 80s BMX both here in the U.K. and some of the great American riders too. The ethos being to show how diverse BMX was in the 80s with great riders from all socio-economic, age, gender, race and sexual orientation included wherever possible.

450 pages with printed endpapers

100,000 words
Over 1,200 images
Over 400 different contributors
Size 280 x 216mm portrait
Soft touch laminated hardback cover
High quality paper 170gsm
Highest quality lithograph print
Designed and printed in the UK

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