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1st December 2023


Alans BMX appointed as UK distributor for SUPERCROSS BMX products.

After having so much success with Supercross in 2007 and 2008 (2x British Cycling No.1 Team) it is with great pleasure that we welcome Supercross BMX back in to the fold. In that time both of us have grown and I feel together we can achieve take BMX racing to the next level.

Our race team, ran by National Champion himself, John Bentley, has been expanded and we can’t wait to get out there on the tracks with the new bikes and kit moving into this new era. The team will be spearheaded by a British Cycling squad member, to be announced shortly.  

Initial product is available now at ALANSBMX.COM in time for Christmas, with more to follow and dealer enquiries are invited. Additionally ALANS BMX will be handling Speedline Parts and Redman Bikes for the UK as well. 

We would like to thank our team co-sponsors for their continued support: Ison Distribution, Halo Wheels, Tioga, Gusset, Renthal, HT, Weldtite and The Seatpost Man.

Alan Woods, ALANS BMX


As a 35 year old BMX Racing Company, founded by BMX racers, by BMX racers, living the BMX racing lifestyle, trying to push and promote BMX to it’s highest level, whether it is winning the USA BMX Golden Crank a record breaking 7 times for the Bike of the year, or helping our riders on the road to the Olympic Games, UCI World Championship Titles, USA BMX National titles, #1 Pro Titles, we have been there, and we are proud to be coming back to some of our roots in the UK, Alans BMX. Alan’s BMX had distributed our high end race frames, the EVO, the UL and others as we entered this millennium back in 2001 and had riders such as Kye Whyte ( some of you may know him, the Silver Medalist from the 2020 Olympic Games ) and now we are proud to have Alan’s handling the distribution of our latest and greatest Vision F1, the RSX, and our RS7 to help support our future growth in the UK.

With this partnership, our UK customers will now have the broadest selection of all Supercross BMX and Speedline products with the most convenient access points than ever before, as Alan’s BMX as with us believe in the riders experience first .



Founded in 1981, the oldest BMX shop in the UK has seen it all in 42 years. Supporting the scenes whether that is a race team, park (we helped Charlotte Worthington on the way to a gold medal in Tokyo), street riders and now flatland. BMX runs in our blood! In 2001 we put on the very very first Old School BMX event on in the UK and have seen that grow into what it is today. In November 2022 Alan was inducted into the British BMX Hall of fame in the category Pioneer BMX Racer. BMX4LIFE.


Founded in 1989 in the back of a BMX shop by BMXers wanting to have fun and perform at a higher level. It is proof that kid’s dreams do come true. For over 35 years, we have maintained our vision,our goal, fun thru performance. And with that we have attained a record breaking 7 USA BMX Golden Cranks for Bike of the year along with more laughs than any other team on the circuit. You can find out more about Supercross BMX and our line of high end BMX products and lifestyle at 


Alans (Wigan) Ltd
49 Wallgate • Wigan • WN1 1BE

+ 44 01942 826598


22332 Eyota Rd #2
Apple Valley, CA 92308



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