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Wethepeople Tyres and Grips

We had  a small wethepeople delivery with tyres and grips. Pay attention as there there is new stuff this time around that we haven't had before! 

First up the all-new Activate tyre which you may have seen on the 2021-model Reason, Justice and Trust completes. Available in 2.35 or 2.40 inch widths using  OCBWEB technology for increased durability and puncture-protection. These are offered in a 110psi and a cheaper 60psi option. 

110psi Version
All Black.
Black with White sidewall. 
Red with Black sidewall. 

60psi Version
All Black. 
Black/White split. 

Sky Blue with Grey sidewall. 

The brand spanking new Wethepeople Perfect grips, are as the name suggests, a take on what a "perfect" grip would look like. A flangeless design the Perfect grips come equipped with WTP's Tech-bolt bar ends and come in black and limited edition colours. We also had the Arrow flangeless grips in 130mm length



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