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WeThePeople Hookup for Lee Hebb

Lee Hebb has been smashing for a long time now, and we are pleased to announce that we got him hooked up with some fresh WeThePeople parts thanks to Moore Large.

Lee just got a new WTP Supreme Rear Hub which we laced up into his current Fly Rim using Halo Spokes.
WeThePeople Supreme Cassette Rear Hub
The WeThePeople Supreme Hub is WTP high engagement cassette hub. Featuring 6 pawls of engagement with the pawls and springs located in the hubshell itself and the ratchet on the driver. This means that even if the ratchet wears out its going to wear along with the cog and the bushes inside the driver. Meaning you wont have to replace the shell , only the spring and pawls inside the shell.
We The People Supreme Cassette Rear Hub
The hubs also comes with 3 sets of hub bolts in 14mm female. First set is for without pegs, second set is for steel pegs and 3rd XL set is for plastic or thick pegs. Meaning you have the maximum amount of thread inserted into the hub to prevent axle damage.
Along with the Supreme Hub we also got Lee the WeThePeople Message Forks. WTPs premiere park fork. Featuring a 28mm offset and weighing just over 1kg these 4130 cromo forks are perfect for a beating, which we are sure Lee will do.
WeThePeople Message Forks
You can follow Lee on instagram @bmx_hebby
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