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What Colour Background do I need for my Race BMX number plate?

It seems so simple, but trying to find this information through British Cycling can be a challenge. If you need to know what colour background for BMX racing or what colour numbers then this is the place.


If you are just club level or novice racing at your local track you can just have a plain white background with black numbers. We do name and number FREE when you purchase your plate. Just put the details in on the product page before adding to cart.

Below is the guidelines from British Cyclings Handbook as of 14th June 2020:

Elite White Background, Black Numbers
Junior Black Background, White Numbers
Male/Boys Yellow Background, Black Numbers
Female/Girls Blue Background, White Numbers
CRUISER Red Background, White Numbers


        We sell the Box Phase plates on our website with FREE Name and number. We also sell the background. if you buy both together we wil combine it ready to mount to your bike.

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