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What size bike do I need?!? Racing BMX Sizing Guide

In the land of online sales its hard to get a gauge on what size bike you need for racing. It is always the best option to try and get down instore to be sized up as people have different proportions such as longer arms or shorter legs. However, you can use the information below as a guide to point you in the right direction.

Race BMX sizing tends to use names rather than top tube measurements and these can vary between manufacturer. For example a pro XL in one brand might be a 21 inch top tube but in another might be 21.25 so always check the spec on the bike/frame

Riders Height (cm) Size Name Top Tube
Up to 120 Micro-mini 16.75"
120-140 Mini 17.75"
130-145 Junior 18.25"
145-160 Expert 18.9"
155-165 Expert XL 20"
160-175 Pro 20.75"
175-185 Pro XL 21"
Over 185 Pro XXL 21.5"
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