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S&M x Alans BMX: 40 Years

To celebrate 40 years in business Alans BMX has teamed up with the most respected brand in the industry - S&M - to produce a limited edition run of parts, all made in Southern California, the birthplace of BMX. 

The following items will be produced, available exclusively through

Shafted Redneck stem
Engraved Alans 40 front plate. 
Limited edition of 40 units. 

Enduro V2 stem
Black or polished and in 49 or 52mm reach. 
Limited edition of 40. 

S&M V-bars
A classic V-bar made in USA in chrome or trans gold. 
Roll stamped. 
Limited edition of 40 total.

Layback seatpost
Roll stamped. 
22.2 and 25.4mm versions.

The following frames will come in a unique trans teal/gold/trans teal colour way. Just 40 frames in total will be produced across the models, each individually numbered #1 to #40.
Steel Panther 20"
Steel Panther 24"
ATF 20"
ATF 22"