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BMX Brakes

Alans BMX sells a great selection BMX complete brakes,BMX brake calipers,BMX brake cables, BMX brake levers, BMX frame brake mounts, BMX gyro kits - all at great prices with free delivery, and next day delivery option and Worldwide delivery. 
Salt BMX Parts Salt AM Brake Cable Black
On Sale Available

Salt AM Brake Cable Black


Salt AM Brake Cable in black, standard ball end fitment, 130cm long. Includes Inner and Outer cable. You will have to trim to fit your exact needs.

Salt BMX Parts Salt AM Upper Rotor Gyro Cable Black
Extra Colour, Length Options Available

Salt AM Upper Rotor Gyro Cable Black


Traditional 2-into-1 upper gyro cable from Salt. 390, 425 or 475mm lengths. Black Only. Matching lower available.