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Doomed Brand

Jordan Gowin and Paul Robinson founded Doomed in 2018. The name is a a reflection of the state of the world right now.  

Jordan is based in Wales and deals with the majority of the audio visual work while Paul, based in the North of England, remains glued to a scanner and spending wild red wine nights cutting and pasting. Together these two are building one of the most exciting brands in BMX with their own take on that tried and tested pure D.I.Y. BMX ethic.

Doomed Brand is Available right now from Alans BMX. We shipo Worldwide. 

Doomed Clothing & Shoes Navy Blue / Medium (31-32 Inch) Doomed Heavies 04 Jeans
Extra Colour, Size Options Available

Doomed Heavies 04 Jeans


Take it to the streets with Doomed Heavies' baggy street jeans. Rock the iconic Doomed look with a custom button, high waisted fit, and woven label...

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