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Federal BMX Parts

Based in Hastings, Federal is one of the most-respected UK brand brands, always with it's finger on the pulse with a killer team and a constantly evolving product line that including everything except complete bikes. Their current Pro roster comprises Bruno Hoffman, Dan Lacey, Anthiny Perrin and Boyd Hilder.
Federal BMX Parts Federal Half Link Chain
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Federal Half Link Chain


New high quality Federal chain made entirely of half links for precise chain adjustment.  Black or Chrome.  1/8" for single speed bikes.

Federal BMX Parts Federal Assault Bars Matt Black
On Sale Extra Rise, Colour, Clamp Size Options Available

Federal Assault Bars Matt Black


The Fedeal Assault bars in Matt Black are made from lightweight 13 butted 4130 heat-treated Chromoly with large radius bends and a raised logo on t...

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