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FIT 2023 Complete Bikes

Going straight to the 2023 model year, the new FIT completes - from the 12" Balance bike to new retro-YZ inspired CR 29's - all look amazing, perform great with the leatest Pro-geometry down from the aftaermarket frames and despite worldwide price increases, are still great value for money. As far as completes go, there aren't many bikes you'd rather turn up on the skatepark, street spot or trails on. 

For 2023 FIT reintroduced the 26” and made a 29” for the first time ever (with a nod to MX legends Bob Hannah and Heikki Mikkola). Those, along ever-popular 22” complete, round out the bigger bikes. Their thoughtfully-designed MISFIT line features graphics kids will love, and between the Series 1, STR, PRK and TRL completes, they’ve designed a killer 20” bike for everyone.