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Hyper BMX Frames and Parts

Hyper Bicycles, Inc.
was established in 1990 by former BMX Pro Clay Goldsmid. Initially the company produced high end BMX Racing frames and components. The company also established an ongoing commitment to supporting Riders and the sport through sponsorships of individuals and Teams. In the intervening years Hyper has maintained its position as a leader in BMX, with a full line of products for racing and freestyle Riders. Hyper has also continued its commitment to the sport by sponsoring Riders, Teams, Events and Series. 

Pro riders on the Hyper roster include Scotty Cranmer, Brandon Loupos, Logan Martin, Ryan Williams and in 2019 they added the UK's Charlotte Worthington and Dylan Hessey to the squad.

Hyper currently offer the Wizard, Lunatic and Indy frame as well as the new Wizard bars. For more parts check out Hyper's sister company, Snafu BMX