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Dia-Compe MX1000 Rear Brake

Brand: Dia-Compe

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Brand: Dia-Compe

Back in 2007 I took a red original MX-1000 in my backpack to the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. When there I found the Dia-Compe stand in the show guide and went straight there pulled out my MX-1000 and asked could they still make these. "No" was the answer...
In the 70's all we had were caliper brakes and they were rubbish, mostly because the caliper flexed so much as well as the lever and it's banding. How anyone ever did endos (without a curb) was amazing. Anyway around 1980 the MX-1000 was launched with it's c-section "girder" construction - and they were a huge improvement, being the only brake anyone ran for racing or freestyle until the 901 and Nippon came out circa 85. I think only me and Harry Leary ran them on the front for racing :)
•  Adjust/Quick Release.
•  Dimension: 73mm-92mm.
•  Cold forged aluminum arms (anodized).
•  OPC30 pads.
•  210g each.
•  Colours; Blue, Gold, Black, Red or Silver. See separate listing for White. 
•  Also available in Front.
•  Curved washers and locknut included.
 Any questions about compatibility or fitting please do not hesitate to email or call us on 01942 826598. Thanks. 

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