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Salt BMX Parts

Originally designed for Wethepeople bikes, Salt has developed into a well-respected BMX parts brand that riders can rely on, without breaking the bank. Here at Alans BMX we carry the whole range of Salt parts which includes everything bar bikes and frames.
Salt BMX Parts White, 1/2" Salt Alloy Slim Pedals
On Sale Extra Colour Size Options Available

Salt Alloy Slim Pedals


Salt alloy slim platform pedal, as used on many Wethpeople completes, available in 1/2" (for 1 piece cranks) or 9/16" (for 3 piece cranks) spindle ...

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Salt BMX Parts Salt One Piece Crank 170mm
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Salt One Piece Crank 170mm


High quality Salt One Piece Crank 170mm in Black or Chrome perfect for your old school build. This crank is the most similar to an 80's Sugino, SR,...

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Salt BMX Parts Salt Am Top Load Stem
Extra Colour, Reach, Clamp Size Options Available

Salt Am Top Load Stem


The Salt AM is a great quality, 50mm reach, great value top load stem that comes in Black or Oil Slick.  Material: 6061-T6 alloy Colours: black, oi...

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Alans BMX Salt AM Aero Front Rim Cyan
On Sale Available

Salt AM Aero Front Rim Cyan


Salt AM Aero Front (or brakeless rear) BMX rim in Cyan. Single wall Rim construction 36h for BMX 20"  

Salt BMX Parts Salt Comp Sprocket
Extra Colour, Size Options

Salt Comp Sprocket


  The Salt Comp Sprocket is an ideal upgrade if your entry-level bike comes with a steel sprocket. These are lighter and won't bend as easily. Will...

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