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Subrosa 2021 Complete BMX Bikes

Subrosa- suhb roh-zuh: Meaning under the rose. Throughout history a rose hanging overhead was a symbol of secrecy and brotherhood. Whatever was spoken under a rose was to remain secret, sacred and subrosa. Our icon hangs high above our team and our fans.

Subrosa Brand began in 2006 as a collaboration between Ron Bonner and Ryna Sher. Ronnie’s background comes from a lifetime of BMX and creating brands such as UGP and The Shadow Conspiracy, while my experience came from growing up BMX from racing to working in bike shops, to being a pro rider.

On a trip to California Ron and I sat by a pool, drinking beers, and talking BMX. We looked at my bike and Ronnie said, “What if we made everything on your bike?” It honestly was as simple as that. As soon as those words came out, so did the ideas, and we spent much of that night talking about the yet to be named “Subrosa”.

The goal of the brand is to create complete bikes and products that are affordable, reliable, and have an attention to detail that make each piece high quality and hard to duplicate by other brands. We also use our brand as a way to spread the BMX lifestyle and attitude to the world.

Throughout the years Subrosa has introduced new products and entire categories to expand what BMX can off the world in an effort to always give back to our fans, supporters, and future riders. Subrosa knows that we can represent BMX in a way that will draw people in and bring a positive accurate awareness to BMX.

The team has expanded throughout our history, but has never been about the flavor of the month. We have riders in all disciplines, and styles. Creativity, unique style and being down with all of our fans is what the Subrosa team is about.

Our fans are awesome and participate with our brand through messages and emails about products they own, and they love to show off their person bikes and rail videos with the popular Instagram hashtags #shoutoutmysubrosa and #subrosastreetrail.

Subrosa fans are our biggest voice, and are truly a part of the worldwide crew.

Ryan Sher
Subrosa Saves