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Subrosa BMX Bikes & Parts

Subrosa- suhb roh-zuh: Meaning under the rose. Throughout history a rose hanging overhead was a symbol of secrecy and brotherhood. Whatever was spoken under a rose was to remain secret, sacred and subrosa. Our icon hangs high above our team and our fans. Subrosa Brand began in 2006 as a collaboration between Ron Bonner and Ryan Sher. Ronnie’s background comes from a lifetime of BMX and creating brands such as UGP and The Shadow Conspiracy, while Ryan's experience came from growing up BMX from racing to working in bike shops, to being a pro rider.

Here at Alans BMX we are proud carry as much of the Subrosa range as possible. You can buy Subrosa now from Alans BMX with Worldwide, Next Day and Free Shipping options. Rollin' since 1981, the oldest BMX shop in the UK. 


Subrosa BMX Parts Subrosa Removable Brake Mount Kit

Subrosa Removable Brake Mount Kit


Brake mounting hardware for Subrosa frames. Also compatible with other frames that utilise through-bolt lugs. Velcro cable strap also included.   

Subrosa BMX Parts Subrosa Matt Ray Bars
Extra Rise, Colour Options Available

Subrosa Matt Ray Bars


Matt Ray signature bars from Subrosa with a choice of rise. Matt wanted a 12º backsweep and a 1º upsweep. Subrosa's deathproof heat-treatment of t...

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Subrosa Street Rail
On Sale Available

Subrosa Street Rail


The Subrosa Street Rail is perfect for beginners and pros, learning or sessioning, on the flat or as a spot enhancer. There are a multitude of kits...

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Subrosa BMX Parts Subrosa Rose Upload Stem
On Sale Extra Colour, Reach, Clamp Size Options Available

Subrosa Rose Upload Stem


Why Choose between fashion or function when you can have both! The new Subrosa Rose Upload Stem features a shorter 48mm reach and a tall 36mm ris...

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