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Odyssey Switch Pack

Brand: Odyssey

Code: Z-456-BK

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Code: Z-456-NAVY

Code: Z-456-GRN

Code: Z-456-RD/BK

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Brand: Odyssey

Turn your BMX bike into a mule with the new Odyssey Switch Pack. Carry all your stuff around and then clip it off and toss it over your shoulder to impress all your friends.

The Switch Pack is Odyssey's new multi-use 2 in 1 pack. It can be used on your bike in multiple ways, and also as a Hip/Sling pack! This is the perfect pack to carry your stuff.

Available in Black only.

Large main compartment
Small secondary compartment
Modular attachment system to fasten to your frame or handlebars
Adjustable hide-away waist and shoulder strap with buckle
Woven logo label
4 Velcro straps
1 Waist/Shoulder strap
3.75" (H) x 8" (L) x 2.25" (W)