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Vans x Grosso Collection

On Jeff's birthday 28th April, Vans launch this iconic limited edition Grosso Tribute collection. Featuring two Sk8-Hi shoes, tees and a cap. 


    Provocateur and historian with a Cheshire Cat grin, Jeff Grosso so well known for being audacious, sardonic, and usually right on the money, that it’s easy to forget that he gained his name with badass inverts, powerful grinds, and contest success. Whatever, as the mouthpiece for skateboarding’s precious minuet and first-hand keeper of its lore, Grosso’s gifted as much as he’s a gift to skating.

    To say Je’s impact on the Vans brand, our people and skateboarding was unparalleled, would be an underestimation of how much of a role he played in the lives of us all. From curating content such as the Love Letters to Skateboarding that highlighted the global skate community, to his unique and raw commentary of the skate industry, and mentoring up-and-coming athletes – there was nothing that Je wouldn’t do to uplift skateboarding and the people around it. Je Grosso is the epitome of skateboarding.

    Grosso Forever.