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Wax & Rails

Wax to help you slide faster on ledges and not slow down on long rails. BMX Wax is specifically formulated to not crumble in your hands and stick to the ledge or rail your applying it to.
BSD BMXtasy Ledge Wax
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

BSD BMXtasy Ledge Wax


CLASS 'A' 100% PURITY GRIND TABLETS Super slidey wax pills. - 3 pack of pocket size wax pills - Ultimate super slidey compound

Odyssey Misc Red Odyssey Slugger Grind Wax
On Sale Extra Colour Options Available

Odyssey Slugger Grind Wax


Wax up your coping, rails, walls and ledges with this quality Slugger Wax from Odyssey. Limited edition colours. 

Subrosa Street Rail
On Sale Available

Subrosa Street Rail


The Subrosa Street Rail is perfect for beginners and pros, learning or sessioning, on the flat or as a spot enhancer. There are a multitude of kits...

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BSD Misc Sunday Puck Grind Wax
Extra Colour Options Available

Sunday Puck Grind Wax


Sunday puck grind wax. • Premium wax from Sunday • HUGE 4.5" diameter! • Available in Army Green and Orange