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We The People Complete BMX Bikes

The brand new WeThePeople 2021 Complete Bike range continues the WTP tradition of elegance and style coupled with amazing parts and strength. The range has expanded with new CRS models coming in both Cassette and Freecoaster versions, whilst classic bikes like the WTP Trust, WTP Arcade, WTP Reason, WTP Envy, WTP Crysis, WTP Justice and WTP Versus carrying the torch from years gone by. The WTP Battleship Complete bikes have carried on aswell offering an almost full aftermarket setup ready in box to shred the streets and finally the Revolver as a trusty park and transition steed, again ready to shred right from the box.

The new WTP Riot 14 inch bike is perfect for those little rippers between a 12 inch and the WTP Seed 16 inch BMX bike. For those bigger riders the 2021 WeThePeople Audio 22 inch bike is a bit longer and larger giving you more room.

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