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We The People BMX Bikes and Parts

Wethepeople are based in Cologne, Germany and started out in 1996. From humble beginnings the brand has worked tirelessly pushing the design of BMX bikes and parts to their postition as arguably the Number One brand in BMX today. 

We The People is making nothing short of the best complete BMX bicycles. Their aftermarket frames use frames use investment-casting technology that creates stress-relieved junctions and allows welds to be moved away from complex surface areas. A complete range of Wethepeople BMX bikes and parts is available from us here at Alans BMX

We The People Hydra Stem
Extra Colour, Rise, Clamp Size Options Available

We The People Hydra Stem


The We The People Hydra Stem takes its name from the multi-headed serpent of Greek mythology, offering a robust handlebar support system. With two ...

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