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Welcome to Alans Bikes. We are based in Wigan in between the two train stations of Wigan Northwest and Wigan Wallgate.

We have been selling bikes for over 40 years along with all aspects of bicycle servicing on Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Road Bikes and BMX Bikes.

We offer free UK Mainland shipping on all bikes. Bikes come flat packed and need to be built by a qualified cycle mechnic for warranty to be valid.

Alternatively, all bikes sold in store are fully built a serviced ready to ride and come with 2 free services at 1 month and 6 months to ensure your new ride is performing at its peak.

We have moved our Bikes website under the AlansBMX main website to provide better payment options for you at checkout and to seamlessly integrate with our tracking systems.

We also offer Klarna and V12 Interest free finance (subject to availability) at checkout, just add to the basket, head to checkout and select your payment option.

Check out the bikes below, we have live stock showing you exactly whats available instantly or special order from our UK suppliers.