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AlansBMX Race Team

Our BMX Race team is run by John Bentley. The Alans Supercross Factory Team is new for 2024 and features some seasoned riders who have raced for us since the 80's and newer up and coming riders.
Check out the race bmx instagram account: @alans_supercross_factory_team


Class: 30+ Female Cruiser
Bike: Supercross RSX 24" XL
Started racing: 1984
Fave track: Cumbernauld
Fave skills: Manual


Class: 15 Female
Started racing: 2014
Fave rider: Emily Hutt
Fave track: Cumbernauld
Fave skills: Jumping
2x National Champion
2x British Champion
European No.3 2017
World No.6 2022