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Come work at AlansBMX! Check out our current Job Roles we are looking to fill below:


Shop Floor Sales/Mechanic

After the Olympics Gold medal success we are looking for a Sales person to join the AlansBMX Team. We have been selling BMX Bikes and Parts for over 40 years and we also do Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters and Repairs. We are a small family owned store with a tight knit team.


We are looking for someone comfortable in a Sales role and with a keen interest in cycling. Any mechanic skills are a bonus but not required.


Job role includes but not limited to: Sales to customers in our retail store, answering the telephone and taking phone orders, tidying the shop floor and replacing/labelling stock. We also sell online so at some points you may be required to pack mail order items and inspect/repack bicycles into boxes.


We are offering a 16 hour contract with on average 17.5 hours, this can increase depending on the demands of the business, how busy we are and other factors. You will be required to work Saturdays 10am-5pm and 2 days during the week.


Please tell us of your hobbies, if you are into photography etc then we can work to incorporate that into the job role.




Saturday Sales Staff Member

Saturday Sales Staff Wanted:


AlansBMX are looking for a new Saturday sales staff member to join the team. Hours are 10am-5pm on Saturdays. This is a Sales Role and the job will entail serving customers in store, answering the phones/taking phone orders, tidying and replacing sold stock in store. No mechanic experience is required but a keen interest in cycling or skateboarding is a must! We do all types of bikes from BMX and MTB to Road and anything in between as well as Skateboards/Scooters.