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4-Jeri 1/8" Single Speed Freewheel

Brand: 4-Jeri

Code: FW4JS16N

Code: FW4JS17N

Code: FW4JS18N

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Brand: 4-Jeri

•  4-Jeri brand single speed screw-on freewheel.

•  Chrome.

•  1/2 x 1/8" (uses 1/8" chain).

•  16, 17 or 18T (for large thread hubs).

•  2 pawl.

•  These are quieter than Dicta if you don't like the clicking sound. 

•  Please use grease on threads before fitting.

•  We sell the removal tool for these (not tool required for fitting, just screw on, it tightens up when you pedal the first time).

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