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Alive Industry Guard Sprocket

Brand: Alive Industry

Code: SPAL01BK25

Code: SPAL01SI25

Code: SPAL01CH25

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Brand: Alive Industry

Alives first guard sprocket is now available.

This sprocket has a mid-school look with 3 holes for the crank position to help with longevity and also has wider spacing between the teeth and guard for use with chains that have longer pins.
Made in Japan by MULLET PRODUCTS
Material: A7075-T6 aluminum full CNC machined
Compatible spindles: 19mm 22mm 24mm
*19mm and 22mm are compatible with the included spacer
Thickness overall: 13.5mm
Thickness of guard): 5mm
Thickness of body: 6.5mm
Weight : 226g (25T)