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Alive Industry LPL Ben Lewis Signature Frame ED Black

Brand: Alive Industry

Code: FRAL02BK275

Code: FRAL02BK210

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Brand: Alive Industry

On 1st January 2012, “Alive Industry” was started up by Rehito Murata, Yugo Ito, and Maja Daisuke to make the Japanese BMX street scene bigger and better. They represent the greatest riders that they know and with the same mindset to make the best products that they really want to ride!

Ben Lewis "LPL" signature model
Full 4139 CRMO Heat Treated Tubing

Top Tubes: 20.75”, 21”
Chain Stay: 12.4”
B.B. Height: 11.7”
Head Angle: 76°
Stand Over: 8.75”
Head Tube Length: 117mm
Integrated Seat Clamp
2.4” Tyre Clearance
Removable Brake Mounts (hardware not included) or Brakeless
Colousr: ED Black, Matte Blood Red