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A'ME BMX Half Waffle Grips

Brand: A'ME




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Brand: A'ME

A’ME BMX 1/2 Waffle grips are manufactured in the USA by people who have been involved in the grip industry for over 40 years. A BMX classic especially for late 70's builds. 

The A’ME BMX 1/2 Waffle grips were developed and tested by experienced MX and off-road racers. They are offered in a medium / soft compound and made from a proprietary blend of a TPR rubber compound, Vulcathane,™ which provides exceptional wear for a softer grip and offers the rider a tackyand easy grip surface for all types of riding conditions.

A’ME BMX 1/2 Waffle Grips are available in a variety of colours.

• Time-proven as the most popular BMX grip pattern.

  Race tested diameter with a medium / soft hardness for the ultimate in comfort and control.

  A’ME’s specially formulated ‘tacky’ compound insures maximum grip in a wide range of riding conditions. 

  Easy installation.

  Made in USA.