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Autum Bikes Blitz V3 Flatland Frame w/ Removable Brake Mounts Black

Brand: Autum Bikes

Code: 1358

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Brand: Autum Bikes

PLEASE NOTE: We have a stocklist of the frame option available from Autum and we can usually get these within 2 weeks and the price will be the same as here with no added charges. Please contact us to check.

THE BLITZ is our most established pure Flatland frame. It’s compact and strong geometry is fully designed to meet modern day technical Flatland needs. As a special and also as option for taller riders we now also offer a longer 19.3" version of this frame! 

Removable brake hardware and 10 - 14mm axle adaptors are included.

18,7" brakeless frames: 2200gr, with brakemounts + 50gr
19,3" brakeless frames: 2250gr, with brakemounts + 50gr


• 18.7’’ or 19.3’’ toptube
• 12,4’’ slammed Chainstays
• 74° Head tube angle
• 70° Seat tube angle
• Standover 175mm (6.9")
• Integrated chain tensioners
• 14mm dropouts (incl. 10mm spacers)
• Removable brake hardware
• Spanish BB - BB height 11,8’’
• Integrated campagnolo style head bearing

Colours: matte black / luminous yellow 

Finest 4130 CrMo Japanese sanko tubing