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BB Buddy Miki Fleck "Da Silva" Colourway

Brand: BB Buddy

Code: BBBU04

Code: BBBU05

Code: BBBU06

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Brand: BB Buddy

Grinding the f*** into your frame?

Whilst grinding on the BB shell of your frame is cool as s*** theyre not designed for grinding. The BB Buddy is a replacement non-drive bottom bracket spacer made for abuse and will give your frame some added protection.

Sitting at a slightly bigger diameter than your bottom bracket shell and made out of post heat treated 4140 (the same stuff as a decent metal peg); this glorified washer will slide kewl guy grinds faster and lock in Derek Dusters better ensuring your BB bearings wont melt to dust.

You know kinda like a fifth peg...

For the streetest

4140 post heat treated chromoly
CNC Machined by an ageing BMXer in post-Brexit Britain
Available in 19mm 22mm and 24mm
Black only