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Shimano BB-UN300 Threaded Bottom Bracket

Brand: Shimano

Code: BBUN300B10

Code: BBUN300B13

Code: BBUN300B15

Code: BBUN300B17

Code: BBUN300B18

Code: BBUN300B23

Code: BBUN300B27

Code: BBUN300C18

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Code: BBUN300C23

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Brand: Shimano

  • 68/73mm shell width
  • A good quality bottom bracket for traditional chainsets
  • Super-accurate bearings for smooth operation and improved durability
  • Durable, hard-wearing sealed cartridge bottom bracket with square tapered spindle fitting
  • Maintenance-free sealed cartridge bearing assembly keeps out dirt, mud, and water for long bearing life
  • Fast and easy installation without adjustment
  • Narrow body allows clearance for cable routing under the bottom bracket

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