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BBB Discstop Disc Brake Pads Sintered

Brand: BBB

Code: BBBDP008SN001

1 Available

Code: BBBDP008SN002

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Code: BBBDP008SN003

2 Available

Code: BBBDP008SN004

2 Available

Code: BBBDP008SN005

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Brand: BBB

Compatible: Shimano Saint M810, Saint M820 and Zee M640 and Tektro Quadiem and Quadiem and Quadiem SL.

Compatible: Formula Mega, The One, C1, R1, RR1, RX, RO and T1.

Compatible: Avid mechanical 2002-2004, Ball Bearing 7, Juicy 7, Juicy 5, Juicy, 3, Ultimate and Promax DSK-950

Compatible: Avid Elixir, SRAM XX and SRAM XO

Compatible: Shimano XTR M985, XT M785, SLX M675, SLX M666, Deore M615, FSA K-Force DB-XC9000, FSA Afterburner DB-XC-9150.