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Box One Carbon Integrated 1 1/8" Headset Black

Brand: Box


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Brand: Box

There is more to the new Glide headset from Box than its exceptional good looks. From top to bottom, it’s been designed to perform.

•  Each headset features a custom CNC-machined alloy top cap in the shape of the BOX logo. Cut outs in the logo reduce weight and show off the beauty inside.

•  At the centre of the top cap is an anodised aluminium bolt that threads into a gold anodised aluminium expander plug. The expander eliminates the need for a star nut and works with all 1 1/8” steerer tubes—even carbon fiber steerer tubes. The top bearing cover is crafted from carbon fibre, which not only adds style, but helps shave weight.

•  And at the heart of the headset are two super-smooth, titanium-nitride coated, sealed, 45×45 bearings. The titanium coating results in a low friction coefficient, increased corrosion resistance and smoother rolling bearings. A split crown race makes installation and removal from forks super easy.

•  Available in red, blue, gold and black with contrasting gold anodised internal parts.  

•   1 1/8”-BX-HS14GC118: 83 grams/2.9 ounces