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Box Hex Lab Stem Oversized 28.6mm Clamp Black

Brand: Box



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Brand: Box

All Box One front load stems are engineered and crafted using Oversized Technology. As we follow the load paths down the handlebars and have focused attention on the stem-to-bar interface. Since the Oversized handlebars have an increased wall thickness and tube diameter in this sector we have reciprocated with an augmented stem interface with greater surface area. By moving material from low-stress areas. This has greatly minimised twist and contributed to responsiveness.

As the stem is mated with the handlebars we have contributed to increased pedalling stiffness by providing a backstop to the ‘lifting’ phenomenon. There is no point pushing hard on your pedals if you can’t pull up on your handlebars and deliver that power. Power can easily be lost to handlebar-to-stem deflection and the consequences can be poor power delivery and steering control. When combined with Box’s other Oversized components, you’ll experience heightened responsiveness and reduced latency.


  • Lightweight 3D Hollow Design
  • Front-Load Clamp Design to Fight Pull-Up Forces
  • Large Bar Bore
  • Large Hollow Clamping Bolts
  • Superior Strength


  • Material: 3D Cold-Forged 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Length: 40mm or 45mm
  • Steerer clamp size:1"
  • Handlebar Clamp Diameter: 28.6mm
  • Colour: Black