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Box One Alloy Linear Brake Cable

Brand: Box


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Brand: Box

Box One Linear Brake Cable Kits are among the most advanced BMX brake cables on the market. The custom Concentric housing includes aramid fiber-wrapped aluminum/steel linear wires for the best combination of strength and low weight. The inner Nano Cable wires are treated with a PTFE coating that reduces friction and boosts braking performance. Our anodised aluminum Kollars™ ferrules further reduce cable drag.

Each cable kit includes 79 inches of Concentric Linear housing, a black PTFE-coated Nano Cable, four alloy Kollars™ ferrules and one colour-matched and one black alloy cable end caps.

• Housing: Aramid Fiber Reinforced PVC Resin
• Cable: Aluminium-Steel Linear Wires
• Ferrules: Aluminium

• Housing: Extrusion
• Cable: Extrusion
• Ferrules: Stamped

Hardware: Alloy End Caps

Finish: Gloss w/Chrome Graphics


• Housing: 79”

Compatibility: All V Brakes


• 70 g / 2.7 oz