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Box One Carbon Seat / Post Combo

Brand: Box

Code: SABX1CS22

Code: SABX1CL72

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Brand: Box

Box One Saddles are the first of their kind, featuring a proprietary co-moulded nylon shell and carbon fibre Seatpost. Super lightweight and designed specifically for BMX racing, they feature the Box logo molded into the top and have reduced profiles to prevent snagging on pants.

22.2 or 27.2mm diameter post.


• Post: Carbon Fibre
• Saddle: Nylon

• Post: Table Rolled
• Saddle: Co-Moulded

Dimensions (22.2mm):
• Seatpost Diameter/Saddle/Length
• 22.2mm: 165mm x 108mm / 135mm

Dimensions (27.2mm):
• Seatpost Diameter/Saddle/Length
• 27.2mm: 216mm x 114mm / 135mm

Size & Weight
• 22.2mm: 132g/4.6oz
• 27.2mm: 161g/5.6oz