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BOX One Cromo 31.8mm Race BMX Handlebar

Brand: Box

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Brand: Box

All Box handlebars are engineered and crafted using our Oversized Technology. Handlebars have a dual purpose as they contribute to both steering and pedaling stiffness. By strategically varying wall thicknesses and tube diameters we have moved material from 3 low stress areas to zones of high load. This has greatly minimized twist and contributed to responsiveness. Concurrently we have increased pedaling stiffness by providing a backstop to the “lifting” phenomenon. There is no point pushing hard on your pedals if you can’t pull up on your handlebars and deliver that power. Power can easily be lost to handlebar deflection and the consequences can lead to poor power delivery and steering control. When combined with Box’s other Oversized components, you’ll experience heightened responsiveness and reduced latency.

Key differences: This particular model handlebar is tailored for larger-sized racers and also takes our application of Oversized Technology one step further as it employs a tougher chromium molybdenum steel. This allows for a greater variation of wall thicknesses to combat the higher loads coming from that extra rider weight.


Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel
Process: Extruded and Mandrel Formed
• Gloss Black w/Pad Printing
• Chrome w/Pad Printing
• Bar Bore: 31.8mm
• Sweep: 7° back, 2° up
• Width: 28.25”
• Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
• Grips: 22.2mm
Height & Weight:
• 5.5”: 685 g / 24.1 oz
• 6.5”: 691 g / 24.3 oz
• 7.5”: 713 g / 25.1 oz
• 8”: 753 g / 26.5 oz
• 8.5”: 754 g / 26.6 oz

Meets or exceeds ENBMX Category 2 or 1 Standards