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Box One Oversized M30 BMX Race Crank

Brand: Box




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Brand: Box

All Box One and Two cranksets are engineered and crafted using our Oversized Technology. we all know that there is no use pushing hard on your pedals if you can’t deliver most of that power to the rear wheel. During the creation of our cranks, we were obsessed with Power delivery AKA pedaling stiffness. To reduce lateral deflection at the bottom bracket we chose to enlarge the spindle and the crank arm’s interfaces. We robbed material from unloaded sections to reinforce these zones of high stress. Not only are you going to be more efficient with power delivery, but you’ll also feel the instant response of acceleration. Seen through another lens, less energy will be required to achieve the same elapsed time.

Key differences: The Box One M30 crankset is just as tyrannical as its big brother the Box One M35. Since it's designed for the smaller rider the now 30mm spindle is as extreme to a smaller rider as the 35mm is to a burly world champion. The crank arms are hollow-forged but reduced in size for their application. It is possible to add too much stiffness where the rider will not feel the benefits. Going beyond that point simply adds material which is surplus weight. We’ve removed the stabilizer rings from the spider and removed unneeded material from its legs. These cranks are engineered for the smaller-sized racers.

BB86 frames require Praxis™ part 86-4001B or 86-4001W.
BB30/PF30 frames require Praxis™ part 68-4001R or 68-5401R.
T47 frames require Praxis™ part 47-0000.
Do not use pedal washers when installing pedals onto these cranks. M30-M cranks were designed to be used without pedal washers.

Box Two Chainring
Box One Chromoly Chainring Bolts
Box One 7075 Alloy Chainring Bolts
Box Two Oversized bottom bracket M30

• Arms: 7075 T-6 Aluminum
• Spindle: 7075 T-6 Aluminum
• Arms: Hollow-Forged & CNC
• Spindle: CNC Turned
Finish: Anodized w/Laser-Etched Graphics
Chainline: 44.5mm
Q Factor: 153mm
Spindle: 30mm Included
Bottom Bracket: BSA 30mm 1.37 Included
• Chainring: 4-bolt 104 BCD
Size & Weight:
• 145mm / 498g/17.6oz
• 150mm / 509g/17.9oz
• 155mm / 518g/18.3oz

*Weight does not include BB
**Due to the complexity of hollow-forged manufacturing, the weights may vary +/- 10%