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Box One X5 Pro Carbon Fibre Tapered Forks 24 Inch 20mm

Brand: Box

Code: BX1FKX524

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Brand: Box



BOX has completely revised its range of carbon forks. This new X5 fork has tapered legs and a aluminium steerer tube (the X2 uses a cro-mo steerer). 


  A NEW LOGO to recognise them.

  The steerer on the top of the fork with the help of specific tools, and not glued like the old models. The bottom of the pivot is ovalised to avoid any rotation and strengthen the interface of the triple end.

  All 20mm forks are sold with 10mm AXIS ADAPTERS, machined aluminium CNC, compatible with all BOX forks (same old models)

  All forks come with the NEW REVERSE DIRECTION BLOCK SYSTEM, backwards compatible with existing BOX forks.

  NEW PACKAGING to distinguish the models.

  New Steerer Tube and Fork Crown Interface

  1 1/8 Inch Chromoly Steerer Tube

  Includes Box One™ Stem Lock

  Includes Box One™ Fork Adapters

  Use of a star nut voids the warranty for this product.

  Carbon monocoque 20" fork

  20mm axle 

  1-1/8'' - 1.5" Aluminium 7000 series Tapered Steerer tube

  Steer Height: 180mm

  Offset: 32mm


Sold with BOX One stem Lock and fork adaptors  




Does this fork fit my frame?

To determine compatibility, first examine the head tube of your frame. X2 forks are compatible with both tapered (1&1/8 to 1.5 inch), and straight (1&1/8 inch) head tubes. X2 Forks are not compatible with 1 inch head tubes.

Please note, to use an X2 fork in a tapered head tube requires installation of the headset reducer/crown race adapter included with our 1.5-Inch headsets.


Do I need to cut the steerer tube on this fork?

Cutting a steerer tube is optional, but typically not required.


May I use a star nut with this fork?

No. You must use the stem lock provided with the fork, or an equivalent expander plug (i.e. Box One Carbon Headset). Use of a star nut is prohibited and voids the warranty for this product.