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Box Phase 1 Number Plate Small with Number and Name

Brand: Box

Code: BXNP000BLU

18 Available

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Brand: Box

Box Phase 1 numberplate comes with FREE Custom ALANSBMX team logo + your name and numbers AND AGE GROUP if required - made by us to fit this number plate specifically. Just put your name and number in the fields to the right and we will print it for you. If you forgot to do this, just email with your order number or call 01942 826598. Thanks! If we don’t receive your instructions within 24 hours we will assume you don’t want a name/name and will send without. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you need a coloured background, these are extra please add to basket.  

 • Tired of boring, flat number plates? Then the Phase 1, designed for BOX by the late Rich Lee, is for you. Featuring colour-fast, 3D injection moulding, they are some of the most intricate and stylish plates available today.

• Each plate includes hook-and-loop closures secured with custom BOX rivets and silk-screened graphics. Air-flow ports improve aerodynamics, reduce weight and add style. Phase 1 plates are the official number plate of the UCI/GSX Super Cross Series.

 • Available in Large for bikes with handlebars 7" rise and larger (Pro & up 20”) bikes and Small for Cruiser/Micro/Mini/Junior/Expert sized bikes. 

 • Small: 73 grams/2.5 ounces

• Large: 95 grams/3.3 ounces

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