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Box Three 2pc Hollow Forged Crankset

Brand: Box

Code: CKBX324HK

Code: CKBX324KK

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Brand: Box

The Box Three Crankset features a hollow-forged 2-piece design with an oversized bottom bracket interface. The 24mm spindle is pressed into the drive-side crank arm for durability and easy installation. The non-drive side crank arm features a 2-bolt pinch system for added strength. Our unique 4-bolt 104 BCD spider features a flex-resistant ring for optimum performance.

Box Three Cranks feature steel pedal inserts that require pedal washers and externally sealed bearing BSA bottom brackets, both provided in the box.


Weight Limit: 115kg (253 lbs) with limitations as per Category 2 of EN 16054:2012 Standard


• Arms: 6061-T6 Aluminum
• Spindle: Chromoly Steel
• Arms: Hollow-Forged & CNC
• Spindle: CNC Turned
Finish: Anodized w/Laser-Etched Graphics
Chainline: 44.5mm
Q Factor: 168m
Spindle: 24mm Included
Bottom Bracket: BSA 1.37 Included
Torque Specs: 12-14 Nm
• Chainring: 4-bolt 104 BCD
Size & Weight:
• 170mm / 1,010g/35.6oz
• 175mm / 1,020g/35.9oz
• 177.5mm / 1,020g/35.9oz
• 180mm / 1,010g/35.6oz